At Summit Academy we use a diagnostic, prescriptive approach in order to design instruction. Children are grouped for math and literacy instruction based on their current level of achievement and rate of learning.

Once instructional groups are formed, curriculum materials are selected. We teach children with a variety of learning needs, therefore a broad array of instructional resources are utilized.


While our curriculum for core subjects is based on Kentucky State Standards, at Summit Academy our focus is on student learning as opposed to strictly teaching to programs and timelines. With our prescriptive, homogeneous groupings for math and literacy, students are provided with the time they need to master content rather than being pushed along.

This student-focused approach allows students to develop a firm foundation that future skills may be built upon.

Research And Inquiry Based

In the subjects of math and literacy, the multi-sensory programming we use has been carefully chosen based on evidence-proven educational research. Instructional programs and materials for all core subjects not only provide students with rigorous concept development, but also take into consideration their learning and language needs. Systematic review of curriculum and learning resources us to stay abreast of latest best practices in all areas.

In science and social studies, emphasis is put on natural curiosity. Learning how they are connected to the past and how they can influence the future increases student engagement and provides a personal connection to content. Opportunities to immerse students in the design process develops critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Grade Specific Programs

Tykes' Peak

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Summit Academy’s Pre-K and Kindergarten program provides a structured, yet creative and nurturing learning environment for children who are at risk for academic and social struggles in a typical school setting. At Tykes’ Peak, students develop the skills necessary to be a successful in the classroom. Daily instruction in all core subjects is coupled with opportunities for students to master gross and fine motor skills, receptive and expressive language, as well as social and self-regulation. With the support of expert and caring teachers as well as speech and occupational therapists, the needs of the whole-child are met.

Summit Academy’s Pre-K and Kindergarten program is designed for students 4 years of age or older. Students must turn 5 by December 1. All students must be toilet trained.

High School

Summit Academy’s high school program provides students with continued exposure to rigorous and standards based instruction in core subjects, including foreign language, while providing an environment for students to explore career and vocational interests. All students are afforded the opportunity to visit a variety of vocational sites throughout the greater Louisville community capstoning with an internship their senior year.

Students graduate with the requirements necessary to pursue post-secondary education or full-time employment. Cocurricular events and activities such as socials, Junior Ring Ceremony, and prom add to the culture of the high school experience.