Your child needs social time and time to learn the skills they will need to begin their journey to success.

Tykes' Peak

Kindergarten & Pre-K

If you’re concerned that your four or five-year-old may not be ready for instruction in a conventional setting because of a mild to moderate developmental delay, speech delay, or motor skills problem, Tykes’ Peak at Summit Academy is uniquely qualified to give your child the extra attention they need.

at tykes' peak we emphasize:

Math and reading readiness
Receptive & expressive language
Phonological awareness skills
Auditory & visual processing skills
Social skills development
Multi-sensory learning
Gross and fine motor skills development
Sensory Integration 

at tykes' peak we offer:

A nurturing, structured learning environment
Educational activities that foster creativity
Two experienced teachers
Speech & Occupational Therapy Services 

Now enrolling for full-day or half-day Kindergarten programs*

* Students must turn 5 by December 1

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