Superheroes are just like us

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on May 20, 2018  /   Posted in Drama Club, School Events, Uncategorized

For superheroes, saving the world is tough, but everyday life is tougher. The Hulk files taxes, Spiderman signs autographs, and Batman picks up his dry cleaning in our Drama Club’s performance of Superheroes: With Great Power Comes Ordinary Responsibility. 

Hawkeye struggles with the ups and downs of superhero life – disengaging a bomb one minute, doing laundry the next.

The dry cleaning company struggles to return Bruce Wayne’s clothes in time.

Unhappy with their current super hero organizations, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern apply to the Avengers.

Storm vents about the X-Men.

Apparently, Wolverine is highly overrated.

Aquaman reveals that his limited capabilities when he tries to help a woman recover her stolen purse.

Crime has been low lately. A bored Batman comes to rescue when a fast food employee tries to abscond with extra fries.

Hawkeye just cannot seem to enjoy his lunch in peace…

Robin shares his frustration with the woes of being Batman’s sidekick.

Batman swoops in just in time to catch a criminal — guilty of littering.

Hulk has tax problems since he can’t resist smashing all of his documents.

Spiderman is clearly tired of signing autographs at Hero Con.

Ultimately, our heroes are able to share their mutual frustrations and find solace in friendship. Whew!

See more photos from the production in the gallery below. Watch the video from the Thursday night performance here, curtesy of Mr. Tim Antkowiak.

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