Speech Therapy

Many factors work together to enable a student to receive and process information and produce work at school. If any of these factors is delayed in development, it can interfere with the whole process of learning.

  • If your child appears not to hear you, but you have had his hearingspeech2-1 checked, then maybe s/he has an auditory processing problem.
  • If your child has difficulty reading body language or maintaining eye contact, then s/he may not understand the pragmatics, or social part of language.
  • If you see signs of tension during your child’s recitation or out-loud reading, or if stuttering runs in your family, then your child may need fluency therapy.

In order to address the needs of the whole child, Summit Academy offers speech therapy, on campus, for selected students as a part of the regular curriculum.  These services are provided by Laura Cronin, MS, CCC/SLP and Gail Griffith, MEd, SLP.

Laura can also be engaged to provide additional private speech/language services for your child.  Please inquire through the front office  (502) 244-7090.