High School

Responding to community demand, Summit Academy opened its doors to its first class of 9th graders in the fall of 2015. As this first class progresses Summit will have a full high school established by the fall of 2018.

All students participate in the School to Work Program. Additionally, Summit Academy High School has two curricular tracks: the Academic Program and the Essential Program.

Academic Program

Designed for students who are continuing to make steady academic gains, even though they may be behind grade level. The goal of the program is to provide students with the skills needed for a vocational selection, independent living and a post-secondary educational program. In order to achieve success in this program, a student must be reading at the 6th grade level or above.

Essential Program

The primary goal of this program is two-fold; namely, to further develop the essential reading, writing, and math skills needed for independent living and vocational success, and to help the student to better understand various career options that align with his/her personal learning strengths.

School to Work Program

All students at Summit Academy participate in this program. In each year of high school, our students will take Career Education. Beginning as freshmen, they will make visits to a variety of employment sites in the Louisville region to learn about different jobs and the skills necessary to hold them. As they continue their high school career, they will “shadow” at job sites and eventually be placed in internships in their senior year.

Vocational Visits

Weekly vocational visits have included Cinemark Cinemas, Courier-Journal, Frazier History Museum, House of Boom, Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Zoo, University of Louisville, Papa John’s Headquarters, Hard Rock Cafe, and Main Event.

9th Grade Retreat

All freshmen will participate in an overnight retreat for two nights at Camp Nuhop in central Ohio. Camp Nuhop is designed for students with learning differences. The retreat is intended to provide bonding opportunities for the class and to begin to develop independence in students.

For additional information about Summit Academy High School please contact Susan Beach at 502-244-7090 or sbeach@summit-academy.org. For summer inquiries, please contact via email at sbeach@summit-academy.org.

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