No Bullies Allowed!

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on April 28, 2015  /   Posted in Drama Club, School Events

The Summit Academy Drama Club did it again! Gran’s Guide to Stop an Ogre (Also Works for Witches & Bullies) was a comedy with a long name and a strong message: STOP BULLYING!

ggtso_4_smZach (Andrew, 7th) and Lilly (Emily, 7th) are having problems with bullies at school. Gran (Anne, 8th) is getting on in her years but she can still teach her grandchildren an important lesson through her gift (if you could call it that!) of storytelling.


Jack (Lloyd, 7th) encounters the dreaded Ogre (Max, 7th) bullying a poor little gnome!

ggtso_5_smLittle Bo Peep (Isabella, 8th) lost her sheep… because the OGRE stole them! Gnome 1 (Jay, 4th) can empathize.


Jack would rather stay out of the Ogre situation, but alas – there is a prophecy! The Wizard (Zach, 6th) informs him that it is Jack who must defeat the Ogre.

jack_jill_smJack meets Jill (Emaline, 6th). She’s bummed because she’s a princess who has been banished from her kingdom (and robbed of her crown!) by an evil witch.


Maybe the Old Woman (Angelina, 8th) can learn a thing or two from Princess Jill about being assertive with her children (Jameson, 5th & Eden, 7th).


A foul-smelling Butcher (Brandon, 5th), Baker (Hannah, 8th), & Candlestick Maker (Alexander, 6th) haven’t bathed in over a week. But their poor hygiene isn’t their fault–the Ogre made off with their bathtub!


The evil Witch (Autumn, 7th) thinks Jill’s crown looks better on her.


Old McDonald (Aidan, 6th) and his Gnomes (Patrick, 8th, Cody, 5th, & Jay, 4th) are eager to help get rid of the Ogre.


Thanks to Jack, the villagers, and with the help of the audience members, the Witch and the Ogre have bullied people for the last time!


The lesson Zach & Lilly learned from the story about respecting others & being assertive carried over to help them solve their problems at school.

The End.



  1. Ashley Lafleur April 29, 2015 8:36 pm Reply

    I am so proud of these students! They did an amazing job in the play! Way to go, drama club members! Thanks for another great year!

  2. Bella April 16, 2016 5:27 pm Reply

    I saw this play it was the best one ever

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