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O.T. P.E.

During the 2018-19 school year, Summit Academy shifted the model of all PE classes to incorporate Occupational Therapy (OT). This change was a tremendous success, and we look forward to maintaining this approach in the 2019-20 school year and beyond.

Students spent the year working on their archetype reflexes – the basis for self-regulation and the foundation for primary movement patterns and development. The archetype reflexes are among the first to develop and emerge and allow for normal range and flexibility of motion whole providing support, balance and stability for the body.

Each PE class opened with running, skipping, hopping, push-ups, planks, sit-ups and superman extensions. Students then went on to experiment with a wide range of sports units, including tennis, volleyball, ping pong, archery, kickball and foursquare. These sports units have helped students practice understanding and integrating rules and fostered sportsmanship and awareness of teammates and opponents.

Thanks to the new OT-based approach to PE, students exhibited improved visual motor integration, motor planning abilities and bilateral integration. Students also demonstrated increased attention, coordination, stamina and strength. All of these gains were reflected in student behavior and learning throughout the school!

Under Construction!

We’ve been hard at work this summer doing updates and renovations to spaces throughout our school.

The library is being outfitted with colorful new furniture that allows for a wide range of seating arrangements – counter height tables where students can stand or sit at stools as well as standard height tables that can be re-arranged into a variety of different configurations for reading and group projects. Several administrative staff members are moving offices in order to maximize space and efficiency. We’re modifying the conference room and adding a teachers’ lounge. The lobby is getting a facelift with some exciting new signage and decor. Tykes’ Peak (Kindergarten) is getting new flooring in the common areas. All classrooms are being cleaned and prepped, and we’re experimenting with unique furniture and equipment in several classrooms in an effort to find what works best and what should be duplicated across all classrooms.

We hope our students and families enjoy the updates when they return next month, and we look forward to continuing to make improvements throughout our school!

The Peaks of Summit

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  1. Judy George

    My daughter, Betsy Wells, forwarded this newsletter to me. Her son, and my grandson, Dexter Wells, will be at the Summit this fall. I tried to click on the link to sign up for the newsletter, but unsuccessful. So if you would,
    please sign me up! Thanks, Judy George
    PS all the improvements look great!

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