It’s all about compromise

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“Good night, sleep tight.  Don’t let the bedbugs bite.  And if they do, you squeeze them tight, and then they won’t bite tomorrow night.” Those are the words that Peter, an impassioned bedbug, feels that he and his fellow bed dwellers must take action against before the rhyme’s ominous “squeezing” starts.

Bedbugs, the latest presentation by our drama club, is a story that encourages us to think of conflicts from another perspective.

Marie has a problem that she’s not aware of yet – she has bedbugs.
The bedbugs have a problem – Marie or “the witch” – likes to jump on the bed.
After Squish is injured during a recent bed jumping incident, a town hall is called to discuss what they should do about the witch.
Peter lives in fear of an ominous threat that Marie’s mother tells her every night before she goes to sleep. Are they going to be squeezed to death? He suggests they take action before it’s too late.
The bedbugs form a plan of attack.
Patsy, however, prefers a peaceful approach and wants to talk to the witch and work something out.
 Despite Patsy’s objections, the bedbugs launch a full-scale attack against Marie, prompting her to investigate with her magnifying glass.
To her surprise, there really are bedbugs…  and they have something to say!
Brave Patsy leads the peace talks, and Marie finally realizes the damage she’s been causing and apologizes, agreeing to a “safe zone” for her resident bedbugs.
Congrats to our Drama Club for another great performance!

More photos from the show:

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