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Our drama club students really nailed it this time with their hilarious performance of Wooing Wed Widing Hood. In this tale, three princes must pass several “tasks” in competition to see who will get to “woo wed widing hood.” See more from the performance below.

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Hood, Little Red’s couch potato parents, who never leave the house.

They love having Little Red around to fetch them popcorn and deliver cookies to grandma so they don’t have to.

Did you know Little Red Riding Hood had two older sisters? Meet Medium Purple and Big Green Hood who are writing letters to their favorite princes in hopes of getting dates.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace, the King and Queen have announced that their three sons, Strong Prince Justin, Wise Prince Jason, and Loud Prince Frank are of age to be married.

Alas, a dilemma! They each have chosen to woo fair Red Riding Hood for their bride and cannot be swayed.

Thankfully the Fairy Godmother appears and devises three tests to see who wins the right to woo her.

But the plot thickens! Mr. and Mrs. Hood don’t want Red Riding Hood to marry, so they enlist the help of the Wicked Witch to stop the suitors.

The witches plans work and the first two tests end with a  tie…

For the final test, the princes must wake Red Riding Hood from a deep slumber.

Try as they may, Strong Prince Justin and Wise Prince Jason are unable to wake her.

It was Loud Prince Frank who rose her from her rest and won the right to Woo Wed Widing Hood! (or take her on a walk at least)

As for the other two princes, it turns out they have much more uncommon with Medium Purple, and Big Green Hood!

The End

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