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In addition to their usual course work, our High School students have been learning how to give back – both to the community and within our school walls.

In late 2018, the High School Student Activities Club led a schoolwide Mitten Tree Service Project. Students, teachers, staff and volunteers donated gloves, socks, scarves, hats, coats and blankets. In total, more than 330 items were collected! Summit students delivered the donated items to St. Vincent de Paul Community Center where there were distributed to those in need before the holidays.

Each Friday here at Summit, the students from Ms. Hoagland’s Practical Living class take the halls of Summit Academy by storm with one thing in mind: recycling! They have a route planned out and efficiently empty all of the recycling bins throughout the campus. Another group works diligently behind the scenes each day to make sure the cafeteria is clean and ready for the next school day. They are responsible, dependable and do their work with a smile and a great attitude. We are so thankful for the service these students provide in helping keep our cafeteria clean, our recycling bins empty, and our environment healthy!


Toni has been a teacher since she was five years old, surrounded by her dolls and stuffed animals, with her mom’s old high school English book tucked under her arm.  She doesn’t remember ever wanting to be anything else. From the earliest days of her student teaching, Toni loved working with children who struggled academically.  It was in that role that she could be her most creative and caring self. Over the years, Toni worked in both public and private schools, eventually joining the staff of Summit Academy in 1994.  At Summit she says she found her “home”, her “second family”. Toni shares that at Summit, “the needs of the children come first, and everything else centers around doing our best to meet those needs.”

After 19 years of being on staff at Summit, teaching primary and intermediate classes, Toni decided to move into a new role as a volunteer working with individual or small groups of children.  Toni is now in her 7th year as a volunteer tutor, working two full days each week. Toni helps reinforce reading, math and fine motor skills in students grades 1-8.  She also keeps in close touch with teachers in order to make her time with each student as productive as possible.

Born in North Carolina in 1947, Toni came to Kentucky in 1965 to attend Nazareth College in Bardstown, and later to get her master’s degree at U of L.   It was at Nazareth College that Toni met her husband of 50 years, Brad, on a blind date set up by a nun! During all her years of teaching and volunteering, Brad has always been Toni’s biggest supporter.

Toni proudly shares, “They say that when you retire, you should do what you love to do, and I am doing just that.  I LOVE teaching! Volunteering at Summit Academy continues to give me a chance to be both blessed and a blessing.”



Thanks to a generous donation from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Jamie Parsley Family Foundation we will be able to install a safety divider in our gym to make it a multi-purpose space! Thank you from Archery Club and the rest of Summit Academy!


Join us for the perfect blend of bourbon, food, and music!

This year, Bluegrass, Bourbon, & BBQ will feature tastings from six local bourbon and bbq vendors, live bluegrass music from The Po’ Ramblin Boys, a live and silent auction, and more. The event will be held Friday, March 8, at the Muhammad Ali Center.

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