Chick Derby

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on May 03, 2015  /   Posted in School Days

There comes a time every year when you can hear the tiny peeps of baby chickens drifting through the halls of the school. This year, Mrs. Strong’s fourth grade class watched their baby chicks hatch just in time for the annual Chick Derby!

chick_derby_07A pep talk before the big race.

chick_derby_06Call to post!

chick_derby_05Off to a slow start. It was still any chick’s race.

chick_derby_03A few chicks went off course after the first stretch.

After much effort to get the chicks refocused on the race, it was starting to look like a lost cause.


But at last a chick pulls through! Elliott holds the winning chicken, Patricia.






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  1. Debi Longfellow May 4, 2015 8:55 am Reply

    What great pictures!

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