So it begins

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on August 19, 2014  /   Posted in School Days

Last week, our students returned to us in all states of excitement, curiosity, and readiness. As we watched them make their way through the breezeway and into the school, we were greeted with many familiar faces, some new faces, but most of them smiling!


Ryan was one of the most enthusiastic.

Chris seemed happy enough to be back.

Ethan had his game face on.

With a little help from Mrs. Hoffmann, Charlie, a new student this year, was ready for the day!

A peek into the classrooms found our students already hard at work.
First Grade
Middle School
Everyone seemed to be in good spirits….


Even Edna looked pleased to be posing for a pic with Mr. Elliott & Mrs. Hoffmann.

We were feeling Spencer’s enthusiasm.

Cole didn’t look like he was suffering from any first-day blues.

Mathews class
OK, so maybe there were a few yawns here and there as we get used to the new schedule…

But everyone stuck it out and made the first day back to school the first of many great days at Summit Academy!

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    Great paper Trent Alsip!!!