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Summit Academy of Greater Louisville Announces Establishment of a High School

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on January 22, 2015  /   Posted in School News

Louisville, KY, December, 2014 Currently serving students in grades Pre-K through 8th, the Board of Trustees at Summit Academy recently voted to establish a high school.  Building on its exceptional record of serving students with learning differences since 1992, Summit Academy’s high school will begin in the fall of 2015 as it opens its doors

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High School at Summit

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on November 23, 2014  /   Posted in Featured, School News

Dear Summit Academy Families: As many have heard by now, our Board of Trustees voted to establish a high school at Summit Academy starting with a 9th grade next fall. The driving force behind this decision is our commitment to ensuring that you and your children have as many good options as possible as you

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Extra! Extra!

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on October 07, 2014  /   Posted in School News

Summit Students publish the First Edition of The Summit Times! Mrs. Sabo’s literacy class has been working hard for weeks putting together their first publication. The newspaper is 100% student produced from articles to design and editing. In its debut issue, the Summit Times includes an article on the new Head of School, coverage of the Middletown Parade, the

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Good Day for a Parade

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on September 07, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

This past weekend, Old Main Street in Middletown was overrun by vendors, shoppers, and people-watchers for the annual Middletown Family Fun Festival. Saturday brought the Middletown Parade and Summit Family Picnic right in the midst of it all. The parade–which snakes from Eastern High School down Main Street to proceed past many enthusiastic onlookers— is

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So it begins

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on August 19, 2014  /   Posted in School Days

Last week, our students returned to us in all states of excitement, curiosity, and readiness. As we watched them make their way through the breezeway and into the school, we were greeted with many familiar faces, some new faces, but most of them smiling! Ryan was one of the most enthusiastic. Chris seemed happy enough to

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What’s Developing in Development?

Posted by Chevonne Dumke on August 17, 2014  /   Posted in Development

Welcome Back! Hope everyone is starting to get settled into the school routine – the first few days back to school are always an adjustment – I know my husband (who is a teacher) and my daughter (in high school) always struggle with getting back into a rhythm… But I for one am happy to

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