Anna, 7th grade
Photo courtesy of Wendy Gordon Photography

She is such a hard-working, eager to please, kind, wonderful girl!  What a role model for all students!

- Susan Hill, Teacher

Every student has a story. When you invest in Summit Academy, you help our students write amazing chapters in their own stories. 

Anna's Story

As an infant, Anna experienced intermittent hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the brain). By age three, her struggles with speech and language development and short-term memory were evident. In preschool, Anna struggled to count to 10, recognize animals from pictures and remember past G when she recited the alphabet. 

Anna’s parents were getting her speech, occupational and physical therapy, but they knew she needed more. A trusted friend pointed them toward Summit, and they knew immediately it was the right fit. Anna eagerly began her Summit journey in Pre-K, and over the years her confidence has skyrocketed as she has grown academically and personally. 

Today, Anna is a vibrant and confident middle schooler. She loves school and looks forward to going each and every day. When describing her, every single one of her teachers uses words such as respectful, kind, hard-working, prepared, outstanding and wonderful. She has told her mother she wants to do more homework because she wants to get smarter, and her teachers comment on the joy in her face every time she has a breakthrough in class. 

Anna dreams of attending the University of Kentucky and becoming a chef. With her hard work and dedication, and the support of her amazing family and teachers, we know Anna will go far!

“The small class-sizes, the individualized learning plans, the supportive and encouraging environment are exactly what enable Anna to be her best.” – Michelle, Anna’s mother